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Get Pre-Qualified

How much can you afford? 

Every loan is different, so it is very important to find out how much you can really afford!  One of the worst mistakes people make is to accidentally fall in love with homes out of their price range.  The problem with that is nothing in your price range will ever look the same.  Don't fall into the trap, we can let you know how much home you can buy in less than five minutes!

Create a Dream List

What is important to you?

It is imperative that you make a wish or "dream" list that starts to define your needs vs wants in your home purchase.  Big back yard, historic neighborhood, close to certain schools, walk to a park...everybody has different things that are important to them.  We help you create your dream house that defines the right neighborhood, style, size and condition that is best for you.

Checkout Properties

How do you start property searching?

With our program you get your very own property search.  Save listings on your own search portal!  We help set you up so that you can save and make notes on your favorites.  Organize your search, create your dream list and it will help determine which homes you will go out and see.  The dance is figuring out how much you can afford vs your most desired on your wish list.